Welcome! The Complete Dinosaur, 3rd Edition, is a forthcoming publication from Indiana University Press.  This time, we’re trying something a little bit different: we want YOU to tell us what you want to know about dinosaurs…  Do you have a burning question that has never been answered by other dinosaur books?  A favourite dinosaur that never gets mentioned?  Let us know in our survey, and help us crowd-source a book all about the latest and greatest in dinosaur research!  Our survey will be open until September 15th, 2017,  *special extension until September 24th, 2017, for Science Literacy Week!* and is open to all ages and backgrounds.

For more information about the editors, click here. You can also find out more information about the first Complete Dinosaur here, or the second edition here.

Our header image features Iguanacolossus, an iguanodontian dinosaur from Utah that lived approximately 125 million years ago.  The illustration is by Lukas Panzarin and first appeared in McDonald et al. 2010.  New basal iguanodonts from the Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah and the evolution of thumb-spiked dinosaurs. PLOS ONE 5:e14075.  It is reproduced here under a Creative Commons Public Domain license.